Fishing in the Sauer River

You can fish in the Sauer, but you should be aware that fishing in the Sauer is only authorized under certain conditions:

The person must be above 14 years old and possess a fishing permit. The young people under 14 years may fishing if they are accompanied by a holder of valable permit.

How you get a fishing permit:

District offices:
Diekirch (Place Guillaume Diekirch)
Grevenmacher (rue Prince Henri, Residence Dagobert)
Luxemburg (28 rue Henri VII)

and secretary's office of different local administrations. The local administration of Rosport is in the former Tudor house in the parc, beside the church.

Categories and tariff for the permits.

1 - Permit for the fishing on the riverside (valable for the Mosel, Sauer and Our) for the fishing rod.

15 € / year ; 10 € /month ; 5 € /week

2 - Permit for fishing on boat (Mosel, Sauer) with a fishing rod. This permit allows you to fish as well on the riverside

40 € / year; 25 € / month; 10 € / week; + small local tax.