Cycling tours

The region offers you great occasions for cycling. Indeed Rosport is directly to cycling way which is interconnected with a lot of other cycling ways.

Cycling way "Piste Cyclable des Trois Rivières" (Cycling way of the three rivers)

The cycling way "Piste cyclable des trois rivières" (cycling of the three rivers: Our, Sauer, Mosel) passes only 50 meters from the campsite away.

More information about the cycling roads in Luxembourg can be found on the Internet site of Ponts & Chaussées.

Sauertalradweg (Sauer river Cycling way)

During 2008, the cycling way along the Sauer has been finished on the german side. So you can do a roundtrip alongside the Sauer starting in Rosport (Rosport - Echternach - Rosport 15 km; Rosport - Steinheim - Rosport 7 km; Rosport - Moersdorf - Metzdorf - Rosport 25 km). The bridges on Echernach, Rosport and Wasserbillig and the pedestrian brigdes in Steinheim and Moersdorf you allow to cross easily the Sauerriver.
Other connections

Crossing the pedestrian bridge In Steinheim, you can join at the Germain side the Prümtalradweg and the Nimstalradweg.

In Wasserbillig you can join the cycling roads from the Mosel both on the Luxembourgish side and the german side.

In Echternach you make take cycling road to Luxembourg.

Bicycles renting on the camp-site

On the campsite you may rent bicycles for adults and children.