Tudor Electricity Museum

Tudor Museum is a kind of mix between a science center and a more traditional museum. It's a perfect destination for a visit with your family. It is about the Henri Tudor, which lived in Rosport in the house of the Museum. He was a major pioneer allowing progressively mass utilization of electricity. 

The noise of the machines and the light of old oil lamp puts you first in the atmosphere of everyday life before the mass utilization of electricity.

Don't keep your hands in your pockets.  You can action some machines and see how electricity is produced and circulates.

The name of Henri Tudor is mainly linked to the electric accumulator. You will learn what is his contribution to the evolution of the accumulator. Did you know his really pioneer in public lightning? He even conceived an electric car, a concept which currently experiences a great renewal.

In the museau you will discover the world of Henri Tudor and his deep passion for electricity.

Henri Tudor, 9
L - 6582 Rosport
Tel: 00352 / 730066206
Fax: 00352 / 730426